Advantages Of Using Maltitol As A Sugar Substitute

Maltitol is often used as a substitute for sugar by individuals who are diabetic, trying to lose weight, or wanting to control how much refined sugar they consume. There may be other reasons for using this product as well. There are various uses for the substance making it quite versatile. Individuals may find that because of certain qualities of the sugar substitute, there are multiple advantages to using it.

maltitol syrupSweetness

Maltitol is almost as sweet as actual sugar when compared to other artificial sweeteners. In fact, it is said to be about 75% as sweet. This percentage generally allows individuals to cater to their cravings for that taste while not actually increasing their sugar intake.

This flavor also means that an individual may find it easier to convert from using the refined sugar to the substitute. For example, if you want to use the compound in your coffee or tea, simply add three quarters of what you would normally put in of regular sugar. In the case of baking or cooking, the same general rule applies. You can change the amount according to your own personal taste.

Level of Calories

There are fewer calories in the sugar substitute than other sweeteners and sugars. As a result, individuals who want to lose weight can have products with this substance in them instead of real sugar to assist the dieters in losing weight. This being said, these people are not recommended to eat excessive numbers of foods that contain this ingredient just because they may have lower calorie counts. There is some concern with regards to digestive issues when too much of maltitol is consumed.

Blood Glucose Levels

There is a bit of debate still circling the use of the substance and its effect on blood glucose levels. The glycemic index of maltitol is about one third of real sugar, standing at about 36, and it does not tend to cause a spike in blood glucose levels. The syrup form of the compound is about 56, which is still much lower than refined sugar. However, the glycemic index of the fructose found in fruit has an index rating of about 15. It is perhaps because of the rating when compared to the natural sugars that there is some debate on the effect of blood sugar levels. This being said, the substitute can be a good alternative to foods made with the regular table sugar.


A person can possibly avoid cavities through using this sweetening compound. The substance does not react to the bacteria in the mouth as regular sugar does. This plus the fact that maltitol syrup does not stimulate enzymes found in the oral cavity, tooth decay is not often associated with the use of this artificial sweetener. This aspect can be a nice advantage for anyone who has a history or who is at risk of cavities or tooth decay.

sugar substitutesUse Maltitol Wisely

Using maltitol sweetener certainly can has its benefits, but just like any other ingredient, it should be consumed in moderation. The manufacturers of the component warn individuals against its excessive use. There may be some side effects of taking in too much of the element.

It is possible that the substance reacts with the healthy flora in the small intestine. A person may experience symptoms such as diarrhea, gas, and bloating. The level of these symptoms often depends on the individual as some people are more sensitive to these effects than others. Excessive consumption of the product is normally deemed as taking in around 100 grams or more of the substance.

Individuals who are diabetic may often consume products with this sweetener to help them control their blood glucose levels. People in this situation are still recommended to control their intake of such products even though the glycemic index for these items is normally lower. Having a healthy diet made up of many fruits and vegetables plus protein, according to what their dietitian has recommended, is still advised.

Consult a Professional

In the case that you are not sure if the substance is suitable for your situation, you may want to consult your doctor or another medical professional. These individuals are often available to give you good advice on how to use the substance if it is appropriate for your circumstances.